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    Dance of the Week with Versa-Style Dance Company’s Julio Saran (AKA Smurf)

    by Alessandra Rizzotti

    Julio Saran (AKA Smurf) teaches Hello Giggles writer Alessandra Rizzotti “The Wave”.  He is passionate about beatboxing, freestyle, and is currently in college, pursuing a degree in deaf studies.  His future goals are to become a sign language interpreter and to tour professionally with Versa Style Dance Company as he works his way up from their junior company, Versa Style Next Generation.

    This video is part of a series that hopes to educate Hello Giggles readers about the documentary “Furious Beauty”, which tells the story of the Versa Style Dance Company as they produce their first ever theatrical production about their own personal fears.  Check out more info about the documentary here:

    Check out @furious_beauty on Hello Giggles!

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