Writer, Editor. Has written for @hellogiggles "Women Working To Do Good", a series that was a partnership with The White House. @sixwordmemoirs have been published in three Harper Perennial books and articles have been published on @TakePart, Smith, Heeb, and Neave's online magazines. Video art has been featured at The Baltic Contemporary Art Museum and Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher's "Learning To Love You More" gallery. Researcher. Thinker. Idea Maker. Connector. Former child model and @FamilyGuyonFOX post girl and Community Manager @GOOD. Follow me @hellorizzotti.


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    Have been published in three Harper Perennial books, “Six Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak”, “Six Word Memoirs On Jewish Life From Writers Famous and Obscure”, and ”It All Changed In An Instant: Six Word Memoirs From Writers Famous and Obscure.”

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    father travelled in a VW bus / hello. i’m awkward. what’s your name? / live in beverly hills. not rich / child model. got fat. what now? / lived with paramount chiefs in ghana / did gymnastics to gain mental flexibility / had conversations with god about bacon / fell off a cliff. now “famous” 

    I want to Skype you, Obama.

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    I have written short articles and profiled comedians Eric Andre, Iliza Shlesinger, and Dan Mintz in their publications.  Here is an online article…

    Interview with Founder of UCB, Matt Besser

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    In 2008, I fell off a cliff while hiking and while recovering, I responded to Missed Connections HERE.

    Captchas Verified 

    You know those squiggly letters that pop up when you try to upload a picture on Facebook or message/stalk someone you don’t know on Tumblr?  They are called CAPTCHAS and I try to interpret them because they drive me INSANE!  


    I Google images when researching at work.  Oftentimes, the words I Google never match the images that pop up.  In GOOGLEGOOP, I attempt to define words using the first three Google images that pop up when I search for them.


    I started doing standup in a neckbrace after falling 60 feet off a cliff while hiking.  This material is indicative of a very crass sense of humor that has become way more refined over time.