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    I want a marriage simple

    Where dinner days, dog walks, and travel

    Fill the days

    Where we are comfortable

    Knowing that we are enough

    — 2 days ago with 1 note

    There was no compass to the map

    No roads to choose from

    Just one way up

    It felt barren

    We needed


    And color

    More nature

    More ways to feel human

    More ways to make mistakes

    — 2 days ago


    Make my mind swim.

    Make me feel outside myself.

    Make me tired.

    Make me dream of strange things.

    Tables in oceans.

    Choreography of heads flying off bodies.

    Floating above it all.

    Finding easier ways to feel.

    — 2 days ago

    Sometimes it’s too hard to know
    What I’m feeling
    That the easiest thing to do is to
    Imagine us on another moon
    Somewhere where there’s water
    I want to live where there’s life

    — 2 days ago

    I’d like to think I know something about design

    But your sense of color

    Is much better than mine

    Thanks for reminding me that a busy pink floral shower curtain would never fit in a sea foam and pink tiled bathroom 

    Or that sage, forest green, and olive would clash if put in one room together

    And that the shabby chic duvet pattern is not at all fitting for the Chinese rug

    I love that the carpet you chose matched the arch in the living room 

    And that the lamps you picked bring warmth

    And that you’re hanging curtains right now, framing the rooms up with accents

    I can’t wait to get pillows and throws that pop

    And a coffee table that feels right

    You should probably be a domestic goddess

    For a living

    — 1 week ago

    I woke up feeling bloated,
    My stomach swelling from
    The emotional upset of realizing
    I’m not ready for what I want to be ready for
    I thought of the night I was up for hours
    From all those vegan corn cakes
    And the jokes we made
    About blasting off
    I love how I could laugh with you
    Even in immense pain
    You’re the only one I can do that with

    — 1 week ago with 1 note

    This morning I realized I care less about myself 

    When you’re not around

    And that feels like a disservice

    To you and me

    — 1 week ago with 1 note

    I ate a passion fruit today

    Shared the juice

    Made myself taste the sour seeds

    Pulled apart its dry yellow skin,

    Reveling in possibility

    — 2 weeks ago with 1 note

    There was a dead butterfly cocoon in the window of my new apartment.

    Eaten by a spider.

    I did not notice it until I wished for a better omen for this new beginning.

    I wanted to be like the woman playing the flute accompanied by the wings of a butterfly on her nose.

    I wanted to be in sync, harmonious, biodynamic.

    Instead I’m feeling a bit empty, knowing I have spaces to fill.

    It is terrifying. Exciting.

    I am willing.

    — 2 weeks ago

    I made eggs for myself, the way you like them


    More burnt on one side 

    They weren’t as good

    As when we shared them.

    — 2 weeks ago

    We began knowing we couldn’t

    When we rushed

    We burned

    Falling so closely for

    And into one another

    Bumping up against


    — 2 weeks ago

    Your feet never fit against the tub
    So when I saw you melting in
    Embracing that you needed to
    Be there for yourself
    I felt my throat close up
    Because I remember
    You holding me there

    — 2 weeks ago with 1 note

    In the morning
    I normally hear the fan
    Over everything
    But today
    I heard a flock of seagulls
    In a city
    Not by an ocean
    And it made me realize
    I am not
    In the place I need to be

    — 2 weeks ago

    I wanted so badly to know why

    I had trouble deciding

    I just couldn’t love myself

    Enough to just be

    — 2 weeks ago